Gourmondo Founder Shares Tips For An Elevated Cozy, Candlelit Gathering

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
For Leinonen, an ideal holiday gathering is anchored around creating an "intimate, comfortable and approachable atmosphere, regardless of itssize." She continues, "It's about simplicity and being fully present, focusing on enhancing the moment's sentimentality. The key is preparation, ensuring that things are ready in advance to keep it easy and stress-free. Pre-making signature cocktails in batches, having the wine open and decanted, and Champagne chilled and ready before guests arrive. Keeping lights dimmed, adding softly lit candles to cast a warm glow, and making sure the holiday table is decked out with festive bites, and sentimental home dishes."

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Alissa Leinonen, Founder/Owner of Gourmondo Co., knows a thing or two about hosting a memorable holiday event. After all, her work centers around one of the most important aspects of any gathering — the menu.